Frequently asked questions

Which areas do you cover?
Within a 20 mile radius of Stoke on Trent which primarily falls within North Staffordshire although we can and do regularly service areas outside this as part of larger and regular contract.
What items do you deliver?
Normally Leaflets, Postcards, Flyers, Letters, Brochures, Papers & Envelopes.
I have my own leaflets and just want distribution, is this OK?
Yes, we will need to know how many leaflets you have got, where you would like them distributed and when. We will then give you a detailed quote and timescale to complete the distribution and once agreed you simply get your leaflets to us 5 days prior to the first delivery or we arrange to collect them from you. You will receive regular updates on progress where relevant and a report on completion.
I do not have a leaflet, can you help?
Yes, we offer a very competitively priced Design, Print and Distribution Package where we look after the whole thing for you. If you have your own Design and Artwork we are happy to quote for Print and Distribution or for Print Only. We regularly place large orders for print so the prices we get are very keen.
I don’t know how many leaflets I need?
We will help you with this once we have established the extent of coverage you require.
Do you have a minimum order?
The Minimum Distribution is normally 1,000 addresses, there is no Maximum, we service campaigns in excess of 250,000 and contracts that roll on year through.
Do you deliver to every address in the areas I have selected?
No and we don`t claim to do this. Distribution Staff do not normally deliver to premises displaying notices such as “Beware of the Dog”, “No Leaflets or Circulars”, apparently unoccupied properties, blocks of flats where access is restricted, or any premises where they feel there could be any risk to their health or safety. We concentrate delivery on the main built up areas and more remote properties may not be included. What we do guarantee is to distribute the number of leaflets provided to properties in the areas agreed.
What are your Payment Terms?
Prepayment is required prior to commencement of activity on any print or distribution contract.